KULA 2.5 Gallon Cooler/Drink Dispenser


  • Gatorshell® – Roto molded plastic construction that led the Gator Proof Alliance to certify these babies “GATOR PROOF”
  • Lid Trax™ turns the lid into the perfect seat
  • Built in side mounted stainless steel pins for the Travelink™ carry sling
  • Five gallon capacity
  • Flow vent allows air in while using the tap, but doesn’t let anything out
  • Badass® insulation
  • With a unique rear rubber hinge the KULA lid can open ‘all-the-way’ so that you can grab your drink from any side
  • Onehand™ Latch
  • Drain plug on the bottom
  • Integrated stainless steel bottle opener
  • Sticky™ Feet keeps cooler from sliding around
  • Tote™ Handle for easy, one-handed transport
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The KULA 2.5 set the standard for cool and just when you thought round couldn’t get much cooler, we tapped it. 9 months later, the KULA 2.5 was born. This baby may be half the size, but it packs a whole lotta punch…hunch punch that is. Press the button to dispense! Lightweight, easy to carry and holds ice till the cows come home – The 2.5 is there when you’re in need of some cool. Why this KULA?…Cause it’s gotta tap!