Extreme Max 3006.2361 BoatTector 7’ Anchor Bungee


  • Keep your PWC or small boat safely away from the damaging shore
  • Eliminates the need to swim to or from your anchored boat, keeping you dry
  • Stretches from 7’ to 22’; 2,500 lb. break strength
  • For the best shore anchoring, pair with the Extreme Max 3006.6657 Beach Stake
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Parking your Personal Watercraft or small boat safely at the beach has never been easier than with the BoatTector Anchor Bungee. Pull up to within 22’ of shore, set your anchor with the BoatTector Anchor Bungee, toss a line to shore and pull yourself in! The Anchor Bungee stretches with you as you go. Once on land, tie a rope to the stern of your boat and watch the Anchor Bungee pull it back into the deeper water away from shore. Once the desired distance is reached, fasten the second line on shore and watch your ride sit safely at a distance away from the sand or rocks of the shoreline. For the best shore anchoring, pair the Anchor Bungee with the Extreme Max 3006.6657 Beach Stake. When it’s time to retrieve your boat, simply pull it toward you from land, no swimming necessary. The BoatTector Anchor Bungee features a shackle to fasten to the anchor and a steel clip to fasten to the bow of your boat. The bungee is enclosed within a polypropylene rope, together creating a massive break strength of 2,500 lbs.


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